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By joining PISG you open yourself up to one of the most interesting areas in the collecting world. Founded in 1973, PISG was the result of the efforts of Charles Lachman, Marne Groff and Barry Richards. Their goal was to create a group for the study of the stamps, postal history and people of the Pitcairn Islands. During the first year 70 people enrolled and since that time, the group has grown to 400 members.

Membership in PISG will bring you the award-winning quarterly journal, the Pitcairn Log, published regularly since 1973. The articles on postal history, new issues, varieties and errors are a prime source of philatelic knowledge for our members. There are also numerous features about the island and its people.

In addition to the Log, you will be able to buy and sell in our members-only auction (offering some unusual Pitcairn items), borrow materials from our library, and participate in PISG events. Join PISG today!


 Pay USA Dues (1 year for $20 - Paper version of Log)
 Pay UK/Canada Dues (1 year for $25 - Paper version of Log)
 Pay Rest of World Dues (1 year for $35 - Paper version of Log)
 Pay World-Wide Dues (1 year for $15 - PDF version of Log)

Note: The PDF version is sent to your email ID. Each issue of the Pitcairn Log is normally 5MB to 10MB. Only folks with serious broadband connections should consider this option.

Paypal is temporarily not available for Membership Dues. It will be available again when we get a new account. Thank you for your patience.

Paper applications are still accepted though.

Just print the PDF application below, then fill it out and send it in with your payment.

PISG New Member Application 2017

Thank you!

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